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Magical Steps Travel has been organizing private Ephesus tours for many years. Now we offer group tours for cruise passengers. You no longer need to spend time assembling groups! We will do it for you. We organize Ephesus group tours for those who required group tours with the lowest prices and the best service. We are the only operators specializing in tours for cruise passengers who offer this service.


Maximum 24 passengers in a vehicle with guaranteed departures every day. You will be guided by a professional English-speaking guide throughout the tour. We have a selection of full-day and half-day Ephesus tours for you.

In addition to the Ancient Ephesus Site you will have the chance to see historical places around Ephesus, such as the very popular Sirince Village, included in both of our itineraries. You will also see the most important timeless female figures: the Temple of Artemis and the Shrine of the Virgin Mary.
On our website you can also find information about our services, our guides, vehicles, lunch, tour itineraries and our reviews on TripAdvisor.

We look forward to meeting you.

Let us make it a MAGICAL experience!!

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  • View all | Pages: HOME|EPHESUS TOURS

    • Terrace Houses in Ephesus

      2013-10-27 23:23
      Terrace Houses excavations began in 1963. A roof that covers the second Terrace Houses was made in 2000. The roof is 4.000 sqm large. Terace houses 2 contains seven luxurious apartments on three artifical terraces. There are about 80 rooms. The wall paintings dating between the 1st and 3rd Centuries A.D.