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  • Terrace Houses in Ephesus

    2014-04-07 01:09
    Terrace Houses excavations began in 1963. A roof that covers the second Terrace Houses was made in 2000. The roof is 4.000 sqm large. Terace houses 2 contains seven luxurious apartments on three artifical terraces. There are about 80 rooms. The wall paintings dating between the 1st and 3rd Centuries A.D.
  • Famous Hadrian Temple has started to be restored

    2013-12-20 01:43

    The restoration of Hadrian Temple which is one of the best historical buildings in the Ancient Ephesus, has started. Hadrian Temple was built 1.850 years ago for the Roman Emperor who visited Ephesus 2 times. In the Christian Period this Temple was converted into a church. We are excited to see the Hadrian Temple at the end of                                        the renovations!

  • Celsus Library is very famous and one of the symbols of Ancient Ephesus

    2013-11-28 15:51

    Celsus Library is very famous and one of the symbols of Ancient Ephesus. It was a grave monument and was built for proconsul Celsus by his son Aquila. Aquila left some amount of money to rebuilt it as a library. It was totally collapsed in the 10th Century. In 1970 the archeologists and the architects rebuilt it in original materials and shape after 8 years of work.

  • Ephesus Tours from Kusadasi

    2013-05-08 07:48

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